Believe it or not, this website is the product of more than a week of brainstorming, planning and late-night rambling. Probably no more than two weeks – that seems a bit obsessive for a pet project – but definitely a solid seven or eight days. Basically, we threw this together in a hurry, but we’re stoked on the idea and have a concrete game plan. With our history fresh in mind, meet the Macabre Brothers.

Chris and I are film lovers, and no genre captures our interest more than horror (with the possible exception of sci-fi, at least for me, Phil). This site is dedicated to all things macabre in cinema, from the old-school ghouls of Universal Studios to the modern sub-genre of torture porn. Every Sunday, we’ll post a new review, written in the same conversational tone we use when chatting about films over beers. If you want more, I already wrote a lengthy  introduction, so go read that.

The Films
Onto the nitty gritty: August is our inaugural month, and to match our oversized egos and dreams, we’re covering the biggest, baddest, burliest creature features around, starting with the grandpappy of vengeful monster flicks: The American version of a Japanese classic, Godzilla, King of the Monsters! The review is already up, so check it out.

Next Sunday, we’ll visit a grimy American south for the review of Creature, a modern retelling of Creature from the Black Lagoon with a half-man, half-gator as the star. Because we got started late this month, Aug. 26 is a double whammy with two reviews: a spare and desolate film from Norway, Troll Hunter, and an old-fashioned summer-camp slasher, Sleepaway Camp. The former is a ghost story masquerading as a creature feature, while the latter boasts one of the craziest twist endings in horror cinema. Seriously, you have to see it.

A couple words about the site: We know most of our friends and casual readers surf the web on everything but computers, so we built a mobile-friendly site. Reviews will be easy to read on a phone or iPad, which means there’s really no excuse for ignoring our tweets. Just saying. Also, please be kind to us over the next few weeks as we tweak the site and make it as inviting as possible. We’re not exactly new to this whole web thing, but every project has a learning curve. (For starters, we know about the “Reviews” menu on the main page. We’re on it.)

If you have any comments, suggested film reviews, or just want to pick a fight, send a message to macabrebros@gmail.com. We’ll try our damnedest to respond. Truth is, we don’t mind if you disagree with what we say – we only ask that you read us first.

Much love,
Chris and Phil, the Macabre Bros.


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