I scream, you scream, we all scream… AGHHHHH! SCREAM! This week the Macabre Bros. visit Wes Craven’s 90’s in the horror movie satire: Scream. Without further ado, tits and dicks, lets scream and drink. Enjoy our best game yet!

The only thing better than watching horror films? Watching horror films and drinking beers. Drinking lots of beers. The Macabre Bros. give the Internet what it so desperately wants with The Drinking Games, an ongoing series of liver-testing games tailor-made for horror films. Be warned: The rules occasionally give away twists, plot points and other spoilers, so we recommend seeing the films first. Now, let’s get rowdy.

The Legend
H = Take a hit.
D = 1 drink of beer. Drink, not sip, not chug.
C = Play the game “categories” based on slasher movie titles. Loser of the game takes a shot.
S = 1 shot. Preferably whiskey.
F = Act like The Fonz and then take 1 drink of beer.
X = Strikeout. Combination of all the above. H then S then D, then blow the hit out.
As usual, our rules consist of 1 drink for every death, sex scene, and boobs.

The Rules
Popcorn starts popping – H
“What’s your favorite scary movie?” (the first time you hear it) – D
When Drew Barrymore gets quizzed on movies – C
First appearance of Ghostface – D
Money shot of Drew “hanging around” – S
Every jump scare – D
Dewey awkwardly hitting on Gale – D
Every time the geek (aka Jamie Kennedy) talks about “the rules of horror movies” – D
Every time Cindy is scared of her boyfriend – D
When The Fonz is first on screen – F
Freddy’s the janitor! – D
When the mastermind dies at the end of the movie – X


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