The surprisingly endearing torture-fest Would You Rather was made to be a drinking game. Here’s the setup: a millionaire invites a collection of strangers to dinner, à la The Most Dangerous Game, then pits them against each other in a sadistic round of “would you rather?” with razorblades, electric headbands and Sasha Grey (she of Anal Acrobats 3 and My First Porn 7). They gamble with life and death, you gamble with liver health. Let the game begin.

The only thing better than watching horror films? Watching horror films and drinking beers. Drinking lots of beers. The Macabre Bros. give the Internet what it so desperately wants with The Drinking Games, an ongoing series of liver-testing games tailor-made for horror films. Be warned: The rules occasionally give away twists, plot points and other spoilers, so we recommend seeing the films first. Now, let’s get rowdy.

The Legend
H = Take a hit.
D = 1 drink of beer.
S = 1 shot of the hard stuff. This is a dinner party, so keep it classy. Jameson, anyone?
As usual, our rules call for 1 drink at every death, sex scene and boob sighting.

The “Would You Rather?” game
This flick doesn’t waste much time getting to the titular game. Thank god. Once the rich sicko begins tempting his guests with death, torture and searing pain, it’s time to get in on the game. Here’s how it works:

  • When a “would you rather?” question is posed, everyone watching bets on the outcome. There are usually only two choices: will they hurt themselves, or will they hurt a total stranger?
  • Wait for the end of the bet. Losers take drinks, winners give drinks.
  • You can bet more than one drink, but the stakes are higher. If you bet, say, 5 drinks and lose, you take 5 drinks. If you bet 5 and win, you give 5 drinks.
  • If the bet ends in death, you still take the mandatory death drink, even if you won the bet. It’s the rule, bitch.

The Rules
When you meet the group — D
When you meet the psychotic millionaire — H
When you meet Sasha Grey, aka Amy — S


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