Prom Night is a scream queen slasher at its finest. There’s a ballroom full of bitchy high schoolers (a faux L.A. dance club in the 2008 version), a killer with overtly boring motives and plenty of screeching. The remake replaces Jamie Lee Curtis with Brittany Snow, so we went with the modern scream queen lineup for the drinking game. We love you, Jamie Lee, but we’re not so big on ’80s perms.

The only thing better than watching horror films? Watching horror films and drinking beers. Drinking lots of beers. The Macabre Bros. give the Internet what it so desperately wants with The Drinking Games, an ongoing series of liver-testing games tailor-made for horror films. Be warned: The rules occasionally give away twists, plot points and other spoilers, so we recommend seeing the films first. Now, let’s get rowdy.

The Legend
H = Take a hit.
D = 1 drink of beer.
S = 1 shot of the hard stuff. It’s prom, so go wild. Just no Hpnotiq.
As usual, our rules call for 1 drink at every:
– death
– sex scene
– boob sighting
– jump scare

The Rules
Cheers to prom at the opening credits — D (of champagne if you have it)
Every time Brittany Snow, aka Donna, hides under a bed — D
When Donna realizes it’s all a bad dream — D
When Donna first visits the shrink and, well, probably just needs a bowl — H
Every time Donna says Bobby. Before drinking, repeat “Bobby” like Hank Hill — D
When you spot a prom cliche (like the She’s All That stair scene in the beginning) — D
It’s a flashback! — D
Donna and crew, meet the bitchy mean girls who are here just to be bitches — 2 drinks
Every blatant shot of Lisa’s cleavage — D
Every time the underage high schoolers drink alcohol *tsk* — 2 drinks
Every clip of the coolest dance floor at a prom EVER — D
Tina: “That guy…his eyes…” Ronnie: “Baby, your eyes.” — D
When Ronnie pulls out the gdamn engagement ring. At 18 years old — D
When Donna discovers the killer face to face — S
When you spot the CSI jacket, because come on, that was hot in ’08 — D


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