Ah, Goosebumps. Kids of a certain age (’90s kids like the Macabre Bros) grew up with the books and Saturday morning TV show. Now, there’s an upcoming film with Jack Black. We’ll see if it follows the same format as the originals: middle-class suburban kids encounter mildly spooky ghosts, monsters, demented piano teachers, etc. When parents just don’t believe their silly stories, the plucky kids overcome whatever was tormenting them. Repeat. “The Werewolf of Fever Swamp” wasn’t the most popular title, but it has all the makings of a Goosebumps classic. Plus, there’s a kid with a bowl cut! Bring on the nostalgia.

Sometimes, certain movies don’t deserve a full review or a lovingly curated drinking game. No, instead they deserve a quick-n-dirty social media treatment on the quickest and dirtiest platform around: Snapchat. We watch, snap and comment, then repost the photos here. Just think of it as Masterpiece Science Theater 3000 for the Facebook generation.

Like a lot of horror films, the Goosebumps cover art was usually better than the story.

Like a lot of horror films, the Goosebumps cover art was usually better than the story.


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