While for the first Goosebumps episode I couldn’t resist the unique allure of “It Came From Beneath The Sink,” this second time I went for what looked like the scariest of the bunch– “Night of the Living Dummy II.” There is no “Night of the Living Dummy I” so this isn’t an origin story here. This is just a straight-up kids slasher. That means the only thing that gets slashed is young Amy’s reputation. Still, I have to say that, compared to the alien sponge storyline, the dummy one was much more legit. There were definite creepy parts and its pacing was much better. I mean, you have to work to make dummies not scary. And this dummy (both of them in fact) was definitely scary. Take a look and witness the ventrilo-tastical reign of terror Slappy lets loose on a normal, relatively happy suburban family. JUST. LIKE. YOURS…..

Sometimes, certain movies don’t deserve a full review or a lovingly curated drinking game. No, instead they deserve a quick-n-dirty social media treatment on the quickest and dirtiest platform around: Snapchat. We watch, snap and comment, then repost the photos here. Just think of it as Masterpiece Science Theater 3000 for the Facebook generation.

Dummy_1 Dummy_2 Dummy_3 Dummy_4 Dummy_5 Dummy_6 Dummy_7Dummy_8 Dummy_9 Dummy_10 Dummy_11 Dummy_12 Dummy_13 Dummy_14Dummy_15 Dummy_16 Dummy_17 Dummy_18 Dummy_19 Dummy_20 Dummy_21Dummy_22 Dummy_23 Dummy_24 Dummy_25 Dummy_26 Dummy_27 Dummy_28


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