To make up for being kinda lazy this October, here’s a playlist of the best hip-hop and rap music videos with Halloween or horror themes. Still can’t believe how freaky The Game looks in the “Martians vs. Goblins” video with Tyler the Creator, but the rest will get you in the mood to bump n grind and probably scream…or laugh. Ice Cube started phoning it in after a while.

“MC Hammer | “Addams Family Groove”

Dr. Dre | “Murder Ink”

Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Kanye | “Monster” 

Lupe Fiasco | “The Cool”

Hilltop Hoods | “Parade of the Dead”

Brotha Lynch Hung | “Meat Cleaver” (ha this one’s for JB)

Bone Thugs | “Crept and We Came”

The Game | “Martian vs. Aliens”

Tech Nine | “Am I A Psycho?”

Ice Cube | “Sasquatch” (dude never even heard of this one)

CoD Black Ops | Zombie Theme remix

…and the one, the only…

Michael Jackson | “Thriller”


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